MobyWat is available free of charge for the scientific community. On the download page we provide a precompiled executable and test packages with detailed instructions which can be used without any further installation steps. The User is encouraged to compile the source code of the program for his/her own machine. MobyWat is an open source program written in C, and therefore, it can be easily compiled and installed on practically any platforms. For a standard GNU environment, some simple steps can be followed and the program is ready for use. First download the mobywat.tgz file from the program’s web site into a directory called e.g. $HOME/download and type the following text at the command prompt.

$ cd $HOME/download
$ tar –xvf mobywat.tgz
$ cd mobywat/src
$ make

Now, you have the executable file named mobywat in mobywat/src. You can also use command make install to copy the executable file into mobywat/bin and $HOME/bin. Binary and object files can be removed from mobywat/src by typing make clean.

$ make install
$ make clean

Source code of MobyWat can be downloaded here.